Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am looking for answers

I am Dirvandis.
I am a collector of information, at least as of late, at least since odd things began happening.
Not sure how many people will find this much less take it as fact, but here is whats going on.

February 27th 2011
I was sitting at home, catching up on some reading, when i began hearing odd noises coming from my living room downstairs. I figured it might have been my dog, so i grabbed a flashlight and went down. I looked around and found nothing, so i returned to my book. The noises kicked up again, this time from my back patio. I listened for a few minutes. Banging, whispers, and then silence. figured i was just tired and went to bed.

This has continued every day since, banging, sounds of glass breaking, whispers, growls, and a couple noises that i am unsure how to describe.

March 1st, 2011
I get a camera and start recording the sounds, after uploading them to my computer and listening to them , i start to rasionalize and explain them away as neighbors, animals and the like, i delete the audio logs.

March 10th, 2011
I begin hearing the noises in broad daylight, the whispers and something unnatural. i look out of my window and swear i see some......Thing, in the woods behind my home. I grab the camera and try to capture this creature. By the time i get back to it, it's gone.... I decide to create a You-tube account and upload the file. Somwhow i lose the audio from the video.

Long story short, something, or maybe someone is harassing me, and i am not sure which it is.

If i find anything it will be added here.