Saturday, April 30, 2011

Time for the truth.

I haven't been honest, at least not entirely. Strange things have been happening but i know why. Before anyone says "Hey another runner/fighter against Slenderman"....I wish it was him. Truth is i am not entirely sure what i am dealing with but he/she/it, has a group of followers. They call themselves VINDICATE, and they are a Cult/militarized group, and they are insane. I found something a bit back, in a friends home. a journal, one of those novelty one's from Spencer's gifts. Inside I found a weird journal and a sealed letter to my friends Father. I didn't open the letter and i can't seem to get a hold of my friend.....i am worried about him and what to expect next.  I say "didn't because i sent it to someone, and i am sorry for doing so. But Rev.Loon if you see this, you are the only person i could think of. i have seen your blog, your videos and your posts on Within Hubris...i figured you might be able to help

Monday, April 25, 2011

Walking in Shadows

There is someone following me, a large man in a trench coat. Not sure if he is connected to the paranormal experiences i a having but he seems to stay in the shadows. Gonna have to keep an eye out