Thursday, May 19, 2011

its getting worse

More phone calls, odd noises. I swear i am being followed. I have no idea what to do, someone help me

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  1. First, get rid of your phone or get the number changed. The phone calls will stop at least for a little while and you can get your head on straight. Next gradually remove money from your bank until you have a surplus. Get some kind of dye, doesn't matter what shade... go punk if you want, and a collection of clothes that you would not wear under normal circumstances. Then go to a crowded place where you disguise would be normal and use the bathroom to alter your appearance. Wait in the bathroom until people similar to your disguise come in and then leave just before you do. If this is unfeasible, waiting until you see someone of similar build and coloring as yourself and bribe them into changing clothes with you. This may or may not serve to shake your stalker, though not permanently if they know what they're doing. It should at least give you some breathing room. Do not take any more money from the bank or use any cards once you pull a runner, and get rid of your phone as well. Change your disguise on a weekly basis or whenever you feel unfriendly eyes.

    Of course, I'm not so stupid to believe they aren't reading this, but I'm not dictating your disguise. That's entirely on you. At the very least, this should give you time to make alternative plans.

    Remember the key to a good disguise is not acting like it's a disguise.